In general, shops are open from around 0830/0900 until at least 1830. Larger stores stay open until 2200 or later. There are however considerable variations. The law that required hypermarkets, large supermarkets etc to close at 1pm on Sundays and holidays has been abolished and most are now open until 2100 or 2200 every day, some even later.

For a list of public holidays in Portugal, click here

Many supermarkets and smaller shops are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, virtually all are closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Early closing (around 6pm) is normal on December 24th and December 31st.

In recent years, the Ali Super shops have been closed on 1st May, which is public holiday.

Also, Albufeira has a municipal holiday on August 20th when some shops, banks etc will close at lunchtime.

SUPERMARKETS AND HYPERMARKETS - see note above regarding certain holidays.

Note - The Ali Super chain has a number of small and medium sized supermarkets in and around Albufeira. Alisuper shops are usually open seven days a week 830am to 8pm, sometimes later in summer. The shops in Galé, Açoteais and several around Albufeira are once again open. The one in Guia never re-opened.

CONTINETE/MODELO ALBUFEIRA - Mondays - Sundays 0800 - 2200 (2300 in summer), including most public holidays. Shopping centre website here, only in Portuguese. Most other shops there open at 10.00am.Location is between old town and 'strip' on the main road across town, the Avenida dos Descobrimentos, not far from McDonald's and the fire station.

LIDL - daily 0800 - 2200 longer hours announced for summer 0700- 2300 daily. On Avenida dos Descobrimentos near old town and Cerro Mar.

ALDI - new town centre store opposite LIDL open 0900 - 2100 daily.  They also have a store on the N125 near Guia in the retail park behind Makro.

ICELAND OVERSEAS at Albufeira Retail Park, N125 near Guia. Open weekday and Saturdays 0900 - 2200, Sundays and holidays 1000- 2200. Website. Has a British run butcher's shop inside.

PINGO DOCE (Bella Vista, by the Watches roundabout) - daily 0830 - 2100. Quinta da Coorreia (by the 'Worms' roundabout) daily 0900 - 2100 and at Albufeira Retail Park, N125 Guia 0900 - 2100 daily.

CONTINENTE at Algarve Shopping N125 Guia - Sundays to Thursdays 0900 - 2300, Fridays and Saturdays 0900 - 2400. Open Public Holidays. Shopping centre website here, only in Portuguese. This is 4miles/6km from Albufeira itself.

INTERMARCHÉ at Ferreiras daily 0830 - 2100. At Torre de Medronheira/ Olhos D'Agua daily 0830 - 2000 in winter, 0830 - 2200 in summer.

INTERMARCHÉ CONTACT (formerly ECOMARCHÉ) - these smaller stores are usually open daily 0830 - 2000.

APOLONIA at Galé - Open 7 days a week all year 0900 - 2000. Closed Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  Apolonia in Almancil has shorter operating hours.   Website.

Other smaller supermarkets and mini-markets

Many of those in 'tourist areas' are open every day and at least 0900 - 2030. However, in some areas these small stores often close for lunch 1300 - 1500 and may be staying closed Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday and Holidays. If the little place down the road is to be your local shop while on holiday, best check asap after arrival.

There is a list of the smaller shops in and around Albufeira.


In summer these are open all hours. In winter hours will be limited (eg 1000 - 1800) and some will not open at all.


In summer generally open daily 1000 - 2200. In winter 1000 - 1800. Some do not open on Sundays and Holidays.


Open all hours in summer. Many do not open at all in winter, otherwise 1000 - 1800.


Hours vary considerably but lunchtime closure is common, as is closure on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Holidays.


Generally 0830 - 1530 but closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Some banks in Shopping Centres open 1000 - 1700 Monday - Friday.

Please  be aware if you are trying to withdraw money from an ATM machine with a UK card or other nationality it may ask you for a 6 digit pincode, ignore that. Just tap in in your 4 digit code and press confirmar (enter) and it will work.

Try to avoid withdrawing money from ATM on weekends as this is the busiest time for withdrawals. You may find many  ATM machines empty, thus you will be disappointed.


The Old Town, Rua 5 Outubro post office has been closed down. The mini-post office has moved to theFumos e Mitos off-licence in Avenida 25 de Abril, close to the Hotel Baltum. It's not open at all on weekends, current weekday hours unknown (April 2015)

Cerro Alagoa (behind the Camara/City Hall) Main Office - Monday to Fridays 0900 - 1800. Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Areias de São João  just off 'the Strip' - (Rua Alexandre Herculano, next to the 'Kilt and Celt' Bar) same hours as Cerro Alagoa above.

Olhos D'Agua - weekdays 0900 - 1230, 1430 - 1800

Vale Paraiso - small office inside the Zona Comercial - weekdays 0930 - 1230 and 1430 - 1830

Guia - weekdays 0930 - 1400 only.

Paderne - weekdays 0930 - 1230 only

There are no Post Offices in Ferreiras, Galé or Vale de Parra.