The cities and towns that exist within Italy host hundreds (if not thousands) of events and festivals all year round. There is not a month during the year when an event or a festival cannot be found. Most of the events and festivals that take place in Italy have religious connotations, and most are historical (they’ve been ongoing for hundreds of years or they celebrate an historical event).

Some of the festivals that take place in Padua on a yearly basis do not fall on the same exact date each year. Some are very traditional celebrations, and the dates they’re held are sometimes based on whether or not the official anniversary date of the historical event falls on a weekend or a weekday, or if the date conflicts with another important event or festival.

Common events that take place in Padua are the outdoor markets that take place every day of the week except for Sunday. Locals and tourist attend the markets to buy items and browse for other goods. While the markets are not considered “festivals,” they are definitely something that tourist will find different and exciting.

Information and a calendar of all events in Padua can be found on the Padua Tourism Office’s website.