While you’re in Bolzano, be sure to set aside some time to check out the local museums. There are many that offer a wide array of interesting exbibits.

If you have ever wanted to see the Iceman Otzi (or would like to know who or what he was), then a visit to Bolzano’s South Tryol Museum is in order. This museum is famous mostly for its exhibit of the Iceman, but it’s an archeological museum that also features a variety of interesting finds from various archeological digs.

The Iceaman, however, is in a class all his own. He was a man who climbed the icy Schnalstal Glacier and died. In 1991, he was found by accident, and his body and clothes were frozen and mummified. Today, the museum exhibits the mummy as well as his clothes, providing visitors with an intriguing look at a man from the Copper Age.

Bolzano’s Municipal Museum is the oldest museum in Bolzano. It features artifacts from a variety of eras in Bolzano’s history, like winged Gothic altars, local costumes, festival masks, and Romanesque Madonnas and crucifixes. It’s located at via Cassa di Risparmio.