Vernazza is a small, tightly knit village with no real crime rate to speak of, however visitors to the town, especially those who may want to partake in activities such as walking and/or hiking along the cliffs will want to take some precautions.  Many of the paths surrounding Vernazza are paved and these are relatively safe to use so long as hikers wear proper footwear and use caution--especially taking note of what is surrounding the paths in the way of loose rocks and plant life.  However, many of the paths leading from Vernazza down to the sea or to other surrounding villages are not paved.  These can pose a danger to hikers because they are known to shift and collapse on occasion when walked on.

Hikers using unpaved paths should never go out alone and be sure that they are wearing proper foot gear.  Extras like sunblock and bottled water are also a good idea for hikers, especially for those who plan to be out for a long period of time or during the hot summer months.