Peak lunch hour is at 1:00 PM, and most places don't open for dinner until 7:00 or 7:30 PM. Usually, there's no smoking indoors and the patio seats in Rome are also comfortable without much smoke.

Ar Galletto (also called da Giovanni), Vicolo del Gallo, 1. Closed Mondays. Open from 7:30 for dinner, but they were willing to seat guests at 7:15. (Meal for family of 4 cost 48.5 E & 79.5 E with wine).

On the Northwest corner of Piazza Farnese - the outdoor seats overlooking the fountain are across the street from the indoor part of the restaurant  with a great view of the beautiful Palazzo Farnese. This is just around the corner from Campo de Fiori, but is nice and quiet and romantic.

Trattoria Der Pallaro, on Largo di Pallaro (go south on Largo dei Chiavari past the first right turn to the second right which opens onto a small parking area. The restaurant is on the corner and has outdoor seating, enclosed in plastic sheeting. It is a delicious and unique 20 euro per person fixed price five course meal with your choice of red or white wine. Plan on about a total of 65 E for two adults, and a couple of small kids, giving servings of the two appetizer courses, and three servings of everything else. They suggest reservations, but may have seats at 7:30, still early for Romans. Very friendly owners and highly recommended.  It is just around the corner from the Hotel Teatro di Pompei.

Ristorante Galeassi on the north side of the Piazza di Santa Maria Travestere, 3, is pleasant.  There are street musicians and a nice view of the piazza with its unusual looking fountain. Featured dishes: Roman artichokes, spinach and chicory saute, and penne arrabiata- a spicy tomato sauce. The asparagus looked and tasted awesome - all tender stalks and no bitter leafheads.  The puntarelle (curled chicory shavings) in anchovy sauce can be bitter and salty. They specialize in seafood, but a light lunch with four vegetables and one pasta shared among a party of 4 is 37E.

Tre Scalini in piazza Navona, to the right of the church of Sant'Agnese in Agone. It has a nice view of the Fountain of Four Rivers but some of the food and service may be lacking. They charge separate fees for bread and olive oil (1.5 E per person for each), and automatically add a 18% tip to the bill. There was also a lot of smoking despite customer requests to be seated away from smoke. Also tour buses that park in front to discharge masses of people, block the view of the fountain and exude exhaust.

Tip: The two places, one in Rome and one in Pisa, that added 15 or 18% tip into the bill seem very touristy and the food may not be good (so look out for that on the menu and consider go somewhere else).