Reviews for some hotels in Italy show some guests claiming the reception staff are friendly and helpful with others claiming they are rude and abrupt.  Italian is structured differently to English and that can explain the disparity.

Like every European language, Italian has its polite form.  However, this tends to be used only in formal situations.  Among friends and family, a lot of "polite" words and the conditional tense (would you) tend to be dispensed with.  "Please" and "thank you" are used more sparingly than in English and are reserved for when they are meant literally.  When familiar language is translated into English, it can seem a bit abrupt.

The uniformed concierge in a 5 star hotel is likely to address you obsequiously in Italian or English. "Would you be so kind as to sign the registration card here."  In a smaller family run hotel, such language would be regarded as unfriendly and you are more likely to be spoken to in familiar language. "Sign here."

So don't be concerned if you arrive at a 3 star hotel and the person behind the counter seems a bit abrupt.  It's probably the proprietor treating you like family.