Mild Climate

    Barcelona, benefiting from its location on the Mediterranean, enjoys warm summers and cool winters. Summer is ideal for sunbathing on the city's ample public beaches, with temperature climbing into the 80s (27 C)  most days during the hottest months of July and August. Some residents consider August to be too hot, and leave the city in favor of coastal resorts. Expect beaches to be packed with tourists during the summer. Winters are cool, but temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Average lows in December, January and February hover around 40 degrees (4 C) and highs can climb into the fifties. Consider visiting the city during the off-season months of October or April, when Barcelona is less crowded, but temperatures are still relatively warm, although probably not beach-worthy. The wettest months are September and October, which each receive between three to four inches (75-95mm) of rain on average. Averages for the other months are between one to two inches (27-47mm).

What you can not miss if you visit Barcelona from April to October is sunscreen, especially for people from Nordic countries. Although do not go to the beach to sunbathe, the climate of the city and its position cause sunlight have a fairly high intensity.


    Special festivals occur in Barcelona throughout the year to celebrate the various seasons. The largest of these is Festes de la Mercè, a week-long party that happens around the 24th of September. The festival commemorates the patron saint of Barcelona, La Mare de Dieu de la Mercè. Events take place around the clock, such as concerts, plays and celebrations in the streets. One popular event is the construction of 'Castellers,' or human towers, which can climb to a height of nine people.

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