Volcano Walk - Timanfaya close up and personal  

Free Guided Hike in Timanfaya National Park

To protect the sensitive and scarce vegetation, walking or hiking inside the Timanfaya National Park is prohibited - the only "commonly available" offer is to got to the Isloate de Hilario where you can do a bus tour of the volcanic landscape (highly interesting, but also a bit frustrating as you are not allowed to get out of the bus at any time).

There is another option, though, that requires a litte pre-planning but is highly advisible: the park's visitor center at Mancha Blanca offers a free guided walk three times a week called the Ruta de Tremesana (see http://reddeparquesnacionales.mma.es/...).

There is a very limited number of participants, so you have to call or e-mail the Mancha Blanca visitor center a few weeks in advance if you want to reserve a place for this hike, and you have to re-confirm 2 days before the actual tour.

This easy hike (medium fitness, closed walking shoes and water required) is conducted by a park ranger who is very knowledable about the history and the details of the volcanic landscape. While walking across the lava fields, you will get a very interesting close impression of the forces that were at work there and learn a lot about this moonlike landscape.

For volcano lovers and for everyone who is not sure whether this "tough love" is his thing, the Ruta de Tremesana is definitly the way to see Timanfaya.