The following locations are cited as the best bars for live music:

  • Ana Marias, Located in the center of Old Town Marbella, at the Plaza de Santo Cristo, this is the spot for traditional Spanish flamenco music.
  • La Notte Piano Bar offers a more upscale evening option.
  • The Champagne Room at Hotel Marbella Club has a swanky 1960’s style.
  • Stones Music Bar (now and Irish Bar) is the place for karaoke fans.

The following locations are high energy dance clubs loved by tourists:

  • Olivia Valere, This multi-bar nightclub has a large dance floor and goes on all night but tourists are warned that it’s the most expensive of the local clubs.
  • Café del Mar is a low-key club known for its attractive staff and guests.
  • Oh Marbella is the favorite of the all-night dance clubs

The casino favored by most tourists, the Casino Nueva, Andalucia, is actually located in nearby Puerto Banus.