The weather in Marbella stays the same throughout the entire year, making this a vacation spot to be enjoyed by tourists at any time.  Average low temperature is sixty five degrees and average high temperature is eighty degrees.  Summers are generally slightly warmer than winters, but are still comfortable in terms of temperature.  The rainy season in Marbella lasts from November through March, but it only rains intermittently throughout the rainy season.  It generally does not rain almost at all in Marbella throughout the rest of the year.  In fact, Marbella boasts about having more than three hundred sunny days each year.  More information can be obtained about the weather in Marbella by visiting this site for a 5 day local weather forecast which is updated every hour, .

Spring and summer are generally the busy tourist season in Marbella.  This is because many Marbela visitors are either college-age students spending their summer traveling through Europe or families with school-age children who must travel during the summer vacation months.  Rates are higher during the busy season and attractions are more difficult to get in to.  For visitors who can go to Marbella during the off-season months in fall and winter, there is still plenty to do in the area and the weather is beautiful, so it is highly recommended that visitors take advantage of the opportunity.