Always dial the full number as written or printed, including area code, when you are in Spain. Numbers can be printed using the old prefix style 9X.XXX.XX.XX or with the new 9XX.XXX.XXX. Mobile numbers always start with "6" e.g. 612.345.678

Mobile coverage is almost excellent around all the country and there are three main companies: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange. There are a number of what are called MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that "piggyback" on the larger carriers but cater to specific markets such as the local immigrants or tourists. Some of the larger ones are Lebara, Mas Movil and Yoigo. These smaller companies are perfectly suitable for the tourist as they offer pay as you go services that basically you can use for even a short trip. All you need is an unlocked GSM phone that works on the 900 and 1800 GSM networks. Most AT&T and T-Mobile phones these days are world phones but you may need to ask your carrier to unlock them. Otherwise, you can rent or buy and inexpensive handset. SIM cards are available throughout Spain. from SIMs for Spain -, also from Cellular Abroad in Los Angeles - and Mobi Passport in Australia and New Zealand. It is very convenient having the SIM card, along with the phone number, before your trip but it will cost a little more purchasing it before getting to Spain.

International discount calling cards are usually sold at prensas, tabacos or alimentacion stores, with major cities having dedicated calling booth businesses, though, discounted rates are usually only available for Latin America. Please note that many phone booths are broken and that often times, hotels will still charge you a fee to access their line, even if you are using a calling card.

00 is the International Access Code for dialling out of Spain.

34 is the International Country Calling Code of Spain. 


City ( STD ) Area Telephone Codes

Alava 945 Albacete 967 Alicante 96
Almeria 950 Asturias 98 Avila 920
Badajoz 924 Baleares 971 Barcelona 93
Burgos 947 Caceres 927 Cadiz 956
Cantabria 942 Castellon 964 Ceuta 956
Ciudad Real 926 Cordoba 957 Cuenca 969
Gerona 972 Granada 958 Guadalajara 949
Guipuzcoa 943 Huelva 959 Huesca 974
Jaen 953 La Coruna 981 La Rioja 941
LasPalmas 928 Leon 987 Lerida 973
Lugo 982 Madrid 91 Malaga 95
Melilla 95 Murcia 968 Navarra 948
Orense 988 Palencia 979 Pontevedra 986
Salamanca 923 Segovia 921 Sevilla 95
Soria 975 Tarragona 977 Tenerife 922
Teruel 978 Toledo 925 Valencia 96
Valladolid 983 Viscaya 94 Zamora 980
Zaragoza 976      


Mobile Telephone Codes

As in most countries, mobile network operators issue certain dialling codes to their subscribers. However, with number portability in Spain (portabilidad), these numbers are not now an accurate indicator of subscriber network in use.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • 112 - for all emergencies
  • 902 102 112 - for multi-lingual services (usually incurs a longer wait)

112 is the pan-European Union emergency number and is recommended to all visitors and new immigrants. Local numbers do exist. However, to use these, you have to know which police or fire department deals with which situation.

Speaking Clock

  • 093 - Exact time  

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