At about 51-degrees north latitude, Dresden experiences a relatively cold climate compared to the rest of Western Europe. There are definitely four different seasons here. Summers are warm and wet. July and August see average temperatures reach a high in the mid-70s, with lows in the upper 50s. It may be sunny during the day, but it quickly cools off towards the evening, so don't be caught without at least a sweater or light jacket. June and July are the wettest months, averaging about nine inches of rain each. Temperatures reach below freezing regularly during December, January and February. Highs are only in the mid-30s for December and January, with lows in the mid- to upper-twenties. November and December constitute a second rainy season, when average rainfall climbs above six inches before dropping to the annual low of about three-and-a-half inches in January. 

    Tourist season in Dresden is in the summer, when the weather is milder and annual festivals bring tourists to the area. In May there is the Dresden Music Festivals, which includes the annual Dixieland Festival, which transforms Dresden into a city of jazz. In June the Elbhangfest takes over the banks of the river Elbe, which it celebrates with all kinds of festivities.

Dresden Weather - 5 Day Forecast