Mönchengladbach is a medium sized town of over 250,000 residents located in a relatively industrial area of northwest Germany. It is not a common tourist destination, although it has much to offer those who like to get away from the "beaten path". The downtown is wonderful, with many shops lining the main streets of Hindenburgstrasse and Bismarckstrasse. This is an easy walk from the train station.

If you fancy a few beers, start at the Altstadt and wander down the hill of a 1000 pubs

In addition there is a large park, the Volksgarten, just south and east of downtown. There are landscaped sections, and wild forest sections, with many kilometers of trails to explore. Sometimes the west side of the park will host a travelling circus.

The local residents are proud of the local soccer team, named Borussia MoenchengladbachWhich has moved its grounds to an old Army camp, and is now about 15 times bigger.