Public phones operate mostly by phone cards, which can be purchased in the amounts of 5, 10, and 20 Euros at newsstands, bookstores, and other small shops. As most people use cell phones these days, public phones are becoming increasingly sparse.

Cellphone networks are widespread and work on the 900/1800 MHz GSM networks. Hence, all triband or quadband mobile phones purchased anywhere in Europe or the USA should work in Germany, too. Japanese cellphones use a different standard and don't work in Germany nor do CDMA phones. What is the cheapest network depends on the roaming contracts that exist between the foreign network and possible German partners.

As a rule of thumb, most Verizon and Sprint phones will not work and AT&T, T-mobile and Rogers in Canada will as long as they have the correct GSM networks. However, it is much less expensive to purchase a local pay as you go SIM card. The best by far is by Ortel as they are a company that caters specifically to foreigners traveling or living in Germany and needing to make international as well as local calls. Rates are 0.09 Euros to call North America - less than $0.15 per minute. OneSimCard offers free incoming calls and low rates on outgoing calls & internet data. Cellular Abroad online and also sells this SIM cards and rents phones with this SIM card. The website is

00 (zero zero) is the International Access ( Dial ) Code you use to make an overseas call from within Germany.  

49 (four nine) is the International Country Code for calling Germany.

Area Codes for the Major German cities are:

  •  30 Berlin 
  •  228 Bonn 
  •  421 Bremen 
  •  231 Dortmund  
  •  351 Dresden
  •  211 Düsseldorf
  •  361 Erfurt
  •  69 Frankfurt
  •  40 Hamburg
  •  511 Hanover / Hannover
  •  221 Köln
  •  341 Leipzig
  •  89  Munich
Germany Mobile Telephone Operators and Codes

Mobile numbers in Germany are portable, which means mobile area codes are no longer guaranteed to be associated with a particular operator.

  • T Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • E-Plus
  • 02
Germany Emergency Telephone Numbers