Bordeaux is in a temperate zone, far enough north to experiences all four seasons.  During the winter months, the region's days can be quite short, with the average number of sunlight hours hovering between two and three in December and January.  Bordeaux can also get quite cold during the winter, the temperature often plummeting below the freezing mark. 

The region has pleasant and warm spring weather and sometimes hot summers; the average temperature during July and August being around 85 degrees F.  Daylight in the summer, between June and August, averages between eight and nine hours.  Fall in Bordeaux is also pleasant, with warm daytime temperatures and cool evenings. 

Bordeaux gets most of its precipitation during the winter months, its summers being relatively dry in comparison.  It can, and does, however rain in the region at all times of year.  For an up to date weather forecast of the Bordeaux region in English, visit the BBC's Bordeaux weather page.