Both buses and trolleys (which we in Britain call trams) are available for convenient use throughout Strasbourg.  Both systems are operated by the Strasbourg Transportation Company; their home page is  Trolleys are primarily used by travelers who are seeking to explore only the major tourist areas of Strasbourg.  Like trolleys in most cities, they have limited routes and are concentrated in certain major areas of Strasbourg.  This does not mean, however, that they are in any way inconvenient.  They make excellent public transportation for getting around to those specific areas.  They run relatively late in to the night, so visitors who are staying near their routes can use them to get to and from the local nightlife ( .)

The buses are a more convenient option for travelers seeking to get to various destinations which are either off the beaten path of general travel in the area or which are outside of the city limits.   The buses begin running early in the morning and run almost all the way through the night, with just a few hours break in the very late night / early morning hours of each day.   Visitors should find the buses easy to negotiate, relatively comfortable and certainly inexpensive.   Even visitors who rent cars in the area may find that buses are sometimes the best means of getting around.