When travelling across France avoid using the SNCF/ TGV train service if you have any luggage. The trains are comfortable and glide effortlessly towards your destination but there are no provisions made for those travelling with luggage - there is one luggage rack per coach that only accommodates three suitcases, causing problems when there are more suitcases.

Also, most of the train stations only have stairs, meaning that you have to carry your suitcases up and down the stairs to cross the train tracks.

You need to ensure that you are on the correct train for yourself, since the conductors don't tend to check tickets or ask travellers if they are on the correct train.

Also be aware that French Railways imposes small quotas on the number of seats available for holders of Eurailpass on TGVs. These are the high speed trains that cover most of France. You will often find that although there are many seats still available on the train as a holder of a Eirailpass you cannot reserve a seat or board the train because reservations are compulsory on TGV. When you try to make a reservation you are often refused a reservation and told the train is full when in fact many seats are still available for purchase by persons who are not using Eurailpass. The result is that a Eurailpass is not useful in France or if you have such a pass and want to be able to ride trains at will travel instead in Germany.

While in France you may also have difficult buying train ticket on-line. The train company's website will guide  you to select destination, time of travel etc. up to checking out. Then you are not allowed to use your credit card if you are a tourist from outside of Europe. Your only alternative is to go to the train station to buy the ticket.