Figuring out how to get the bill after a meal in Ireland used to be a mystery. The Irish take a very relaxed view to setting the bill at the end of a meal. Once the waiter/waitress believes guests are finished their meal, they will leave the bill with the cashier.  While in many situations guests may sit at their table for a while, it is usual to leave within a reasonable time to allow the table be cleared.  Also be aware that some restaurants may have fixed amount of time allocated to guests per table (2 hours or so) during in busy times.   In these circumstances you will be informed when booking and it is normal to leave shortly after you have finished your meal.

To get the bill, guests just get up from the table and settle with the cashier (something that can be considered rude in some circumstances in America).

Sometimes the waiter will bring the bill and leave it at the table. You may pay there and then, especially if the waiter stands there expectantly. If he or she leaves it and goes you can go to the cashier or bar to pay at any time after that. In Ireland the expression "wait staff "is never used, always waiter or waitress. The expression "wait staff "makes Irish people cringe.

If you have finished eating and have sat a little while with no sign of a bill forthcoming, you just get up and pay the bill.