There is no reason to be bored when you visit, as there is a full programme of events and activities that should tickle the fancy of most visitors.  A comprehensive list of events that take place in and around the Loch Ness area from small village celidhs & guided nature walks, to the Scottish Opera, International recording artists, music festivals and world class marathons can be found at in the 'Events' section.

Some of the most festive events in the Loch Ness area are planned for the winter season; if you visit during this time, be sure to make all your reservations early, as there will be many people wanting to join in on the holiday festivities.

One of the interesting activities you can participate in is Scottish Highland watercolor classes with Ros Rowell, a local artist who also offers her own works for sale. Contact 01463 751314 to sign up for classes.

Every September Drumnadrochit has the Loch Ness Beer Festival, hosted at the Benleva Hotel in the village. It runs for a week and finishes on the last Saturday in September and showcases the best of the many Highland real ale breweries. It's getting increasingly popular so make sure you book your accommodation early. 

If you are visiting Loch Ness during the fall, especially the month of October, try to save some time for going deer watching, as this is premier rutting season for the red deer of South Loch Ness. Keep a safe distance, however, when observing these creatures, as the stags are unusually aggressive due to competition for mates during this time of year. It is best to find a secluded road or glen and observe the herds through binoculars in your car. Though the red deer are the largest and most well known species, the roe deer and sika deer also mate during this season.

Check out Loch Ness Exhibition Centre , located in the small village of Drumnadrochit at one of the local hotels.

 And last but not least - wheres a better place to spend New Years then at the Loch Ness Hogmanay Festival? 4 days of events for the whole family including a torchlit processions, bagpipes, fireworks and an all dancing outdoor street party to see in the new year!