There is a mid-sized airport at the nearby town of Inverness where airlines such as bmi, British Airways, Eastern Airways and easyJet offer flights to major cities in the United Kingdom, notably London, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester and Liverpool. Travelers from outside Great Britain can easily find a connecting flight at any of these major cities on one of these airlines. During the summer, charter airlines also run limited flights to a few cities on the European mainland, mostly in Mediterranean countries like Spain or Italy.

Travelers, once inside Great Britain, can also get to Inverness via rail, bus or car. The Scottish Highlands of Loch Ness are connected to the rest of Scotland and England via the National Rail. Service between Inverness and cities such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London is frequent and easy to find. Scotland’s railroad, Scotrail, also runs a daily sleeper train from London to Inverness. For bus services, contact one of the major bus lines that run services between Inverness and London or major Scottish cities. The National Express (phone: 0870 5808 080) runs buses all over the country, while Scottish Citylink (phone: 0870 5505 050) mainly offers services within Scotland. offer another alternative.

To get to Loch Ness via car, take A82, which runs between Glasgow and Inverness and runs past the lake. A9 and A96 also pass through Inverness, from which point it is only a short drive to Loch Ness.

If you would rather not drive on the narrow Highland roads you can choose from a selection of bus tours and boat trips too. A good idea is to do a Google search on "Loch Ness Information" and on "Loch Ness Tours and Cruises". For more exclusive tours try adding the word "Private" or"Exclusive" to the tours searches. Do bear in mind that tours to Loch Ness from Glasgow or Edinburgh tend to be very, very lengthy affairs. Better to stay in Inverness and do it from there.