Whitby is famous for three things in particular: Dracula, Captain Cook and kippers!

  • Dracula: Follow the 'immense dog' (Dracula) to the graveyard mentioned in Bram Stoker's most famous work at St Mary's, near the Abbey, head to The Dracula Experience on Marine Parade or go 'In Search of Dracula' with Whitby Walks! 
  • Captain Cook: You can find out all about the explorer Captain in the town where he set to sea at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum on Grape Lane.
  • Kippers: Since 1872 William Fortune has had a smokery in Henrietta Street, which you can still visit today.
Other unique and wonderful things to Whitby include the Whale Bone Arch above the Khyber Pass, the famous local stone known as Whitby Jet and the 199 steps up to the ruined Abbey.