Whether you want to catch a glimpse of a celeb or just watch the beautiful people, there's no better place than London for people-watching. And restaurants are just one place to indulge in this favorite pastime of travelers.

Covent Garden is a good place to start - there are always a lot of people out and about, so grab a meal here and you won't be disappointed. Dial Restaurant & Bar is a top choice for people-watching - both the guests and the model-like servers are equally interesting to gaze upon. If you can tear your gaze away from the action inside, the huge plateglass windows offer primetime viewing to the outdoor world. Oh, and the food is really good, too. Mercer Street, London.

The Rock Garden is another good choice in Covent Garden, with its open-all-year terrace. It's especially nice in the summer, but even in the winter it's not a bad place to dine because the inner area is something of a tight squeeze. It can be a bit touristy, but those are the cons to a restaurant that gives you primo people-watching. 6/7 The Piazza, Covent Garden,020 7836 4052.

Hakkasan is another great place to do the eat-and-gaze thing, as well as get your wine on thanks to the fantastic wine list. Even after five years, Hakkasan is still finding new fans although some may grumble about the quick table-turning. 8 Hanway Place, 020 7927 7000.