The Canadian Tourism Commission's official website is This website is available in several languages, and tailored to several localities: English (Australia, Canada, U.K., India, and U.S.A. versions), French (Canada, France), German (Germany), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexico).

Canadian Tourism Commission
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Special-needs Travellers

Transport Canada's Access To Travel website has information on special-needs travel services that are available throughout the country.

National Parks 

The Canadian system of national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas is operated by Parks Canada , which has an excellent, well-detailed website, available in French and in English. 

The Inside Banff National Park : National Park Entry Fees page here at TripAdvisor has detailed information about entry fees for the Rocky Mountain national parks.  Although that page focuses on the Canadian Rockies, much of the information is relevant to the rest of Canada, since the national parks pass is valid throughout Canada's 28 national parks. 

Provinces and Territories

Instead of states, Canada is divided into ten provinces and three northern territories. Most provinces produce excellent tourist information guides which are available free by mail or through their local tourist information centres. If at all possible, get them by mail before you leave. These guides usually include very complete accommodation listings (but campground coverage varies widely amongst provinces), and good information on attractions. See Inside Pages for each province for details. Some provinces will also send a provincial roadmap free upon request; if you are travelling within the province, you may have to pay for the same map at a tourist information centre.

The provinces and territories are given in alphabetical order below, with links to their Inside Pages on official tourist board information: