Airport Taxis (and a little about in town taxis and tipping)

From point to point within Mazatlán the taxi companies charge by zone on a sliding scale, generally a minimum of $25 MXN up to as much as $150 MXN to a distant hotel (such as the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay).  Later at night, fares are normally higher, as the taxi driver knows he won't get a return fare, so ALWAYS ask in advance and negotiate the fare if you feel it's too high. 

Below you will find the exact fares now being charged by the airport (yellow) taxis and vans to various places in Mazatlan. (Updated March 26, 2016 peso at 17.50 to USD).

Zone 1 - All of old Mazatlan and all of the Golden Zone north to the El Cid Marina Hotel. Taxi - up to 4 passengers $380 MXN or $22 USD, Van -  minimum 5 persons (called collectivos in many parts of México) - $110 MXN per person.

Note: Unless you are a group of five or more going to the same place so you can get a van for just yourselves, the van service could stop at several different hotels before getting to yours.

Zone 2 - Everything north of the El Cid Marina Hotel up to, but NOT including the Riu or Cerritos Point. Taxi - $400 MXN or $23 USD, Van - $120 MXN per person

Zone 3 - The Riu, Cerritos Point, Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay and Playa Delfin north to just south of Oceanica. Taxi -$440 MXN or $25 USD, Van - $130 MXN per person

Zone 4 - Oceanica and Stone Island (La Isla de La Piedra) Taxi - $550 MXN or $31 USD, Van - $150 MXN (but they probably won't sell you a van ticket to Stone Island, unless it's a group, as they would never get the minimum 5 persons.

These are the posted prices, pre-printed on the ticket you get, so they can't legally charge any more. Some complain that the taxis give a really bad exchange rate.  It is recommended that travelers go to the ATM machines that are just a few steps to your left, in front f the est rooms,  before you go through one of the terminal exit doors and get pesos before you buy your taxi or shuttle ticket. Especially if there is a group, you'll save some money.


Note:  Since taxis are fixed (or negotiated) price in Mazatlán, the taxi drivers normally are NOT tipped unless they go out of their way to do something extra for you such as waiting while you go exchange some money, wrestling some huge amount of luggage or some other special service.