HUX has two ATM's for your money exchange. One is Cajero Bansi across from the small outside liquor store and the other is a Bancomer beside the United Airline desk in departures. Both are to the left when leaving international arrivals. The Bancomer might be a few pesos less in fees. Outside are shops (clothes, trinkets, liquor and coffee) and a couple of restaurants/bars. The food is tacos and lousy burgers. There are beer carts for arrival with Nov 2012 charges of 38 pesos/beer or $3.50 either Canadian or USD. That's a 15% up-charge for foreign currency. You have plenty of time to use an ATM before getting on your bus or a taxi. The airport is tiny and easy.

Once inside the non-smoking, air conditioned international departure terminal there is a big waiting room, restaurant, restrooms, a trinket stand, a small store selling Tequila and other booze for your carry-on and a kiosk with drinks, snacks and sandwiches. The small store is not duty-free. Booze prices are perhaps 15% higher than in town. At a previous visit to the air conditioned domestic departures there was only a beer/chip cart and no store. There is wi-fi and cell service throughout the airport, but you have to call a phone number to activate wi-fi for a fee. 

If departing you might want to delay clearing security as long as possible and stay in the open air. You can get your boarding pass without heading through security. If arriving and looking for a taxi you can go to the official taxi booth and see the official taxi rate to your destination. Another taxi option is to walk 200 paces along the airport driveway to the local taxi stand. A local taxi might not be air conditioned. Some are. Prices will be less than half the official rate. Agree on a local fare before getting in and carry the correct fare in pesos in case the driver has no change.

A third option is via a "colectivo". Colectivos are air conditioned vans located to the left after passing through the arrivals exit. Arrange for a colectivo at the official taxi booth. Sometimes, if there are few passengers, the taxi booth will substitute an air conditioned taxi at the same rate. The colectivo rate to the major hotel areas was 101 pesos per person in December 2012. In general a colectivo is simply a shared van or taxi. Away from the airport a colectivo is often a pick-up truck driving a set route.

A kilometer or less after leaving the airport area and next to the Pemex gas station is a Oxxo store which is a kinda 7-11 store where you can buy beer etc for the highway.