Taxis and rental cars are both good options for getting around while in La Paz.  Both however have their own distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. 

            Taxis are widely available throughout La Paz, and there are a few companies offering services.  Most hotels and restaurants will be happy to arrange taxi pickups.  Fares may be determined by destination and distance traveled, however this is not how it usually works.  Negotiating is the key to an inexpensive ride.  Inquire to hotel staff about going rates for taxis, and negotiate with the driver based on this.  Make sure to agree on a price before starting a journey.  Most drivers do not speak English, which is a major downfall for taxi travel.  If speaking Spanish is not an option, carry around a map with the destination circled.  This way there will be no miscommunication about where the driver needs to go.         

            The main option for private transportation within La Paz is a rental car.  Check out the Rental Companies List for some of those operating within the city.  More importantly, visit Driving in Mexico before choosing this method of transportation.  Driving in foreign countries is always different than in your own, so make sure to know the rules before getting behind the wheel.