There is plenty of information about La Paz available online, and should be explored by those planning a trip to the area. 

A great place to begin doing some research is on the Official website of La Paz tourism board  . This site is very useful for the first time traveler to the area, and provides links to thing such as history and climate, accommodations, activities, transportation, dining, nightlife, shopping and much more. Theis Social Media channels are also great sources of information and current events. Check out the Official Facebook page  and the official Twitter account 

Because La Paz is known around the world for its amazing sport fishing, this site offers extensive information on this subject, including fishing reports, photos, and a list of charter boats available in the area. 

La Paz is also The Gateway to The Sea Of Cortez, that means that through La Paz you can enter "The Aquarium of The World"  and practice some of the best watersports in the world, such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboard. This amazing place is home of 39% of the marine mammals in the world, including the grey whale, sea lions and other incredible fishes like the Whale Shark, the hammer head shark and the giant Mobulas. 

 Adventure sports such as KiteSurf, Kitefoil and Windsurf are some of the other activities you can enjoy in the municipality of La Paz.

There are over 2,000 hotel rooms in the area that accomodate all needs, budgets and likes, from pintoresque B&B to 5 Star Resorts to luxury camping in secluded beaches.

 Golf, diving, kayaking, SUP, KiteSurf and surf are some of the amazing activities waiting for you in La Paz.  

How to get to La Paz

La Paz has one International Airport (Aeropuerto General Manuel Marquez de León) with direct flights from major cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey, Culiacan and Hermosillo.

La Paz is less than 2 hours away from Los Cabos who´s international airport features direct flghts from U.S.A, Canada and Europe.