Buses:  Travelers will generally find that buses are one of the best methods for getting around Baja California.  (See http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g15... for details about why this is.)  Buses travel to most major destinations.  For example, travelers can start with a bus in Tijuana and travel all the way to La Paz.  This trip lasts approximately one full day (twenty four hours) and takes travelers through most major tourist destinations between the two Baja California cities.  Buses are inexpensive, with that trip, for example, costing less than fifty dollars.  Local buses for short destinations are also available in Baja, with Tijuana being a major location where such transportation is used.

Ferries:   The ferry is another public transportation option for Baja California travelers, depending upon where they are wishing to travel.   Baja California travelers spending a significant amount of time in La Paz will find that this is a good choice for them, with ferries leaving daily for Mazatlan and almost daily for Topolobampo.   Tourists in other locations near the water may also find that ferries will get them to major attractions in the area.   Like buses, ferries are relatively inexpensive and generally easy to use.   Extensive information about ferry options can be found at http://www.escapist.com/baja/ferry.htm .