By car:  Cars are not the best option for getting around Baja California, although many people do opt to use them.  The roads are generally fairly well-maintained, although there are areas of Baja, especially rural Baja, which are not up to international standards.  The main problem with driving in the area is the safety risks associated with it.  More information about this is online at .  However, those who wish to drive can do so, obtaining driving maps from their car rental agency or local tourist information office.

By bus:  Bus is an option for traveling around Baja California.  Many travelers opt to use this method, as the bus reaches most of the major tourist destinations.  The main problem to watch out for on the bus is pick pocketing.  The main annoyance about the bus is that it can sometimes take a long time to get to where it is going and it is often crowded.  However, for travelers on a budget, this is a preferred method of travel.

With assistance:   One of the ways in which travelers get around Baja California is by taxi tour.   Travelers can hire local drivers relatively inexpensively to show them all of the sites.   However, this can be risky, as the taxi drivers are not always legitimate, so it is recommended that only highly experienced travelers use this method of getting around.