By car:  One of the major decisions which many travelers face is whether or not to take a vehicle to Baja California.  In general, the best answer is to avoid taking a car, whether it is a rental car or a personal car, if it can be helped.  Rental cars require special insurance for travel in to Mexico and there is a reason for this; problems with car theft, highway bandits and police corruption make it possible to lose the vehicle.  For more information on these safety issues, visit the Baja California Health & Safety page .  Travelers who are driving throughout the United States and wish to go to Baja California should drive down to the border between Mexico and the United States, park on the American side and walk in to Baja.  Despite the risks, the drive is beautiful.  If you're tempted to make the drive, check out the Traveler Article on driving down the Baja peninsula to Cabo for more information.

By plane:  The major airport serving Baja California is located just outside of Cabo San Lucas.  More information about flights in to this airport is online at the Cabo San Lucas Arriving and Departing page.  Travelers can use public transportation or car rental services upon arrival at the airport for further travel in the area.

San Diego Trolley:   Many people coming to Baja California come through San Diego.   One option for these travelers is to get the trolley which is located in downtown San Diego and take it to Baja.   This trip takes less than an hour and is a scenic method of seeing the area.