Puerto Vallarta 

When a car accident occurs in Puerta Vallarta all cars involved are impounded if there are injuries involved. Even if one is innocent in the accident, all cars are taken in and complete accounting is given to charge the correct party who is at fault. If you own the car, sometimes this is a long ordeal,months sometimes involved. And if anyone knows, the drivers there are a nightmare. Taxis in particular. It is imperative that a Spanish speaking person be involved and helping especially at the police station, which is where you will go. A lawyer is automatically provided with most insurances and he will handle the main problems for you. With car rental the rules will apply with the company.Just don't get into an accident.

 Los Cabos

During an emergency when you normally call 9-1-1 in the U.S. or Canada, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo each have their own 3 digit emergency number to reach the police, however if you dial 060 you´ll get emergency assistant right away, as well: if you carry a cell phone the best option will be: *- 9- 1- 1 (star 911) that will give you a bilingual operator who will connect you and help you with your emergency.