This season, the Dolphin Encounter at Blue Lagoon has added a new feature, California Sea Lions.  This program is similar to the Dolphins Close Encounter.   You get to the private island via a large ferryboat which takes about 20 minutes and take you thru  eastern Nassau Harbour past the homes of Michael Jordan, TIger Woods and Oprah.  Once you arrive, you pass thru the dolphin encounter on to the Sea lions habitat.

After a brief educational and instuctional review, you put on wetsuits (in cooler seasons) and head to the water where you'll be kissed by the sea lion and get to  pet, feed and play with these beautiful creatures.   They are friendly, smart and endearing.  The big male, Murray, is quite the ham and will pose for pictures willingly..
Staff is wonderful. They are informative and professional, yet personable, and certainly add to the programs charm.

After any program (dolphin or Sea Lion) , you can head to the nearby Blue Lagoon Beach and bask in the sunshine, enjoy the hammocks, grab a burger or head to the bar.  It's free to those who are part of the dolphin or Sea Lion Programs.  There's lot of Adirondack style chairs, hammocks, Water toys (trikes, big tubes, mats and noodles) as well as a basketball court, shaded pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms and souvenier shops. You can even check out the dolphin encounters while you are there.  It's  an experience you won't soon forget.

To book the Sea Lion Encounter,  go to:

The Ferry dock is located on Paradise Island at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal, just east of the bridges.