In the event of a serious medical emergency, if you require an ambulance, contact Emergency Health Services to be taken to the nearest public hospital.

TOBAGO has introduced a fully functional Help and Emergency Number - DIAL 211

Followed by Options: Dial # 1 for NON Emergency help - including help with finding general addresses, phone numbers etc

Dial #2 is FOR EMERGENCY HELP.... all emergency services, ambulance, fire, police etc.



 South/Central  653-4343
 Tobago  639-4444

While the public health care system in Trinidad/Tobago is generally considered lower than many private institutions, in many cases they are best suited to handle serious emergencies.
Depending on the nature of the emergency, you may choose to visit one of the many private hospitals.

St. Clair Medical, POS

West Shore Medical, West Moorings  622-9878
St. Augustine Hospital, St. Augustine  663-7274
Gulf View Medical, San Fernando  652-7102
SDA Hospital, Cocorite  622-1191
SDA Hospital, Siparia  649-0104
SDA Hospital, Tobago  639-4014
SDA Hospital, Princes Town  655-8096

Most have 24-hour walk-in emergency service including dental. Be prepared to pay a deposit before you can be admitted or even examined. For a full listing of private hospitals, check the Yellow Pages under 'Hospitals'

In the event of a  police emergency the phone number for Trinidad & Tobago is 999 (not 911).

In the event of a fire , dial 990

In some circumstances, you may wish to contact your embassy or diplomatic mission. Contact numbers for some of the embassies in Trinidad are:

 American Embassy

 British High Commission  622-2748
 Canadian High Commission  622-6232
 German Embassy  628-1630
 Venezuelan Embassy  627-9821
 Guyanese Consulate  622-2913

A full listing of Diplomatic Missions in Trinidad can be found in Blue Pages at the front of the telephone Directory.

*Note - The police in TnT often drive with their flashing lights on.  If they want you to pull over they will sound their siren.