Traveling to St. Martin can be any easy trip due to the short distance from many U.S. destinations.  Don't forget to book a separate seat for an infant.  Not only is it safer than having the child on your lap, it will also be more comfortable for you.  It is also a good idea to have your child in his/her own car seat.  When you get to St. Martin you will want to have a rental car so you can explore different beaches.  You never know the condition or standards of the car seat the rental agencies provide.  Therefore, you will have peace of mind having brought your child's own car seat.

St. Martin / St. Maarten is not a location packed with mega-resorts and kids clubs.  Expect to entertain your kids on your own.  Know what you'll need ahead of time.  There are plenty of grocery stores including a few super-markets.  You can find some toys / beach toys in these stores if you need them.  You can also find baby food, diapers and other essentials.  The supermarket is often the first place families should  go when travelling.  Stock-up on things you think your child may need.

Many families rent apartments or larger homes.  These are also popular when traveling with extended family.  You will find many other families on vacation that may have brought grandma and grandpa along to share in the fun.  If this isn't your way of traveling, check with the hotel and see what services they provide for the child. 

There are plenty of great beaches.  Some get windy and the water can be rough.  Le Galion always seems to have calm waters and plenty of other families.  The beach restaurant there also serves very good food.  Pinel Island is also a great location to take the children.

If your child is young and needs a highchair or booster seat, you will find that very few restaurants seem to have them.  Your toddler may be propped up on a bunch of cushions.  Bring along some quiet toys to help get your child through the meal.  Near the airport there are plenty of American Style restaurants if you think that works best for your family.  Depending on your own taste, you may decide to take your children to finer restaurants.  Even at nicer establishments the wait-staff can be very friendly and accommodating for children.  Often, if restaurants had kids menus the selections were limited to fish and rice or chicken strips and french fries.  Don't rule out getting pizza.  It is often served in the style of pizzas in Italy.  You could order a few different ones for your table.  A great spot to go for dinner is the Marina Royale in Marigot.  There are plenty of restaurants and the kids will enjoy looking at the boats.  Certainly, many dining locations on St. Martin / St. Maarten offer great views for the whole family to enjoy.

There are a couple of activities geared towards children and families.  If you are looking for a change of scenery you may want to visit the zoo.  Unfortunately, the loud birds can be a bit frightening to a young child.  The zoo is in need of some updating and don't expect much from the playground equipment.  Hopefully, they can maintain a nicer zoo for future visitors.  The Loterie Farm has activities for older children.  The Butterfly farm and horseback riding are both located near Le Galion beach.  There are many cruises, including one on the bay that is geared towards children.  Otherwise there is not a long list of activities for children.  Hopefully, great beaches and maybe a nice pool are enough for your children.