Some car rental companies at the cruise terminal can be way too eager to get your business and pay too little attention to important details like insurance, driver's licenses, and condition of vehicles. Also ask first about the car rental tax rate, some companies on the island charge more than others. It's best to check reviews before arriving.

- - TAXI CABS --  Prices aren't generally too bad but it is highly recommend you download the official  St. Maarten Taxi Rate Sheet and carry it with you. While the majority of taxi drivers are fantastic and friendly, there are always a few that will try to overcharge tourists. It would be better to confirm the price with the sheet in your hand rather than asking "How much?"  In low season, it is not as easy to find taxis in some ports (especially if it is on a day when there are no cruise ships docking), so if you are planning a day trip, it's a good idea to ask your driver where the best place is to find a taxi to get back, or even make arrangements to get picked up at a certain time. It can sometimes be problematic to ask a local or merchant to call you a cab as they tend to call a friend who will drive you back for more than you should actually pay and that may not leave you another option, even if you know the price is too high. Most importantly, if you find a taxi driver you like, get his card and don't be shy to ask for him/her to pick you up for your next trip if you know the day and time that you are leaving (this is great if you don't have access to a phone - especially if you are staying in a condo rental, probably not as much of an issue if you are at a resort).

-- BUSSES -- This is an incredibly cheap way to get around.  The busses are often more like large vans, but they will have their destination on a sign in the front window.  You can flag them down and they will stop for you and let you off anywhere on the route that you ask. Actual 'bus stops' are not always easy to find everywhere, and they may not stop if there is no one waiting so make sure you just tell your driver when you want to get off.  It's a good idea to have small bills and not expect change. Fares are generally $2. Be careful if planning to take a bus back from a day trip - the busses in the evening are fewer and don't generally go past 10pm.  While there is no real schedule it's a great way to save some money while heading out on a day trip, and maybe plan for a taxi home.