The weather in St. Maarten is fairly consistent year-round with temperatures not varying much within a 5-degree range. Although people generally assume it’s going to be much hotter in the summer than in the winter months, that is generally not the case. Daytime highs near the coastal areas range from about 72 to 86 degrees. If you’re headed inland, average high temperatures year-round range from 66 to 81.

Because the temperatures are fairly consistent throughout the year deciding when to travel is more dependent on what you’re looking for. If you want to avoid large crowds and save a few bucks, head to St. Maarten during the summer months, when hotels and restaurants won’t be so full.

Most travelers are concerned about hurricanes and tropical storms when heading to the Caribbean; fair enough, since this can be scary and ruin travel plans as well. Hurricane season is generally June through November though historically and statistically, more hurricanes occur in September than any other month.

If it’s more important to you to avoid hurricanes and rain than people, the best time to head to St. Maarten might be from December to May. This is considered the “dry” season (though it can rain anytime of year in this tropical climate) and there’s no chance of hurricanes. However, December through March are particularly busy in St. Maarten and you should plan ahead to get the reservations you want.