French side Tourist Office Dutch side Tourist Office 



For tourist information about St. Maarten, there are plenty of websites to choose from and certainly word of mouth to hear from, but you are also well served to check into “official” sources of information like the tourist board.

It’s first useful to know that St. Maarten is the Dutch side of the island, while St. Martin is the French side. Many American tourists stick with the Dutch side, but both sides have a lot to recommend them.

If you are heading for St. Maarten, their website can be found here and it features a wide variety of useful information. From this portal you can book your vacation, get to know the various beaches and check up-to-the minute weather. A fairly comprehensive calendar fills you in what’s going on each month, while a photo gallery gives you photographic motivation to book your vacation.

 For the St. Martin side of the island, head for this website, the official St. Martin tourist board site. If you don’t read French or Spanish, be sure to click “English” as you enter the site so you’ll get the full effect of the information available.

Whichever site you use, you’re sure to find useful information. Just be aware that many companies pay to be listed on tourist board sites so you should plan to do a little research on a hotel, say, or restaurant you find listed on a tourist board site. Use independent sites, like Trip Advisor, in conjunction with the tourist board information to help you make your plans.