St. Lucia's peak travel periods fall between December through mid-May. Weather is more bearable during this period but because of this, hotel rates are higher. Traveling during the off-season, late-May through November means higher temperatures and more rainfall, on the other hand however, cheaper rates across the board. The rainiest months are August and Septmeber. Nevertheless, the weather is still a part of a Caribbean system and therefore considered paradise.

Even paradise has its problems though and everyone knows the dangers of hurricane season. St. Lucia is no exception and precautions should specifically be made during the official hurricane season of June through November (more reasons to this being low-season). The National Hurricane Center provides constant up-to-date news about hurricanes and can help travelers plan the safest periods to travel.

For many tourists, booking a trip during Carnival is the goal. Carnival in St. Lucia is nothing short of extravagant and takes place the third Monday and Tuesday of July. The locals show hurricane season that it doesn't affect their ability to celebrate!

Other noteworthy periods for traveling to Castries include the St. Lucia Billfisihing Tournament in late September, early October. Competitive fisherman travel from all parts of the world for this great contest.