Though Vieques is safe, petty theft does occur, so it’s wise to take certain precautions. For instance, avoid deserted areas after dark and be wise when visiting the very remote beaches.  Never leave valuables in the car or on the beach if they're not within view.   Reported thefts are petty --best NOT to lock your car, OR your glove box or console, since they are easy to break into.  Just leave it all unlocked and empty, or you'll suffer locks busted out of curiosity.

On November 29, 2007, the Fish and Wildlife Service reported that Puerto Rican mounted police have begun to patrol the beaches in the refuge.   They are also patrolling Sun Bay and Navio Beach and will be patrolling in civilian areas because crimes in the refuge and civilian areas are perpetrated by the same individuals.  FWS have built a stable for the police horses. FWS recommends putting your valuables in a ziploc and burying them in the sand.

 Vieques tap water comes directly from the main island, but many travelers still stick to using bottled water, which is available at most stores and from roadside food vendors.  Most people drink the local water from the tap.  A  water filter pitcher will remove the chlorine taste.

 Be wary of the strong sun, as well, and limit your first day or two of exposure.