The craft market is a small fenced in area located in Ocho Rios. It was a safe and fascinating experience. Many locals have small stalls filled with their crafts, t-shirts, and other things they are willing to sell. Everyone here is trying to sell you something and compete with the stall next to theirs. Some crafts are of higher quality then others. Dealing is the only way to get a good price here. Decide how much something is worth to you and if you can't get it for that price just walk away. In most cases if your price is fair they will sell it to you. Are the people pushy? To some it would seem that way but there are car dealers in the states that are worse. Respect and politeness goes along way. Every stall wants a chance to sell you something or at least for you to take a look at what they have. The best practice was to take a very quick look and comment on how nice there goods were but say that you were not interested in anything today and thank you anyways. People got lots of big smiles from the sellers regardless if they bought something. In closingthere are some very talented people in Jamaica and even Walmart can't sell for the price many are selling their goods for. Have fun, be kind and respectful and the market will be an enjoyable experience for you and your family.Some shops now accept credit/debit cards.

Craft MarketCraft MarketCraft MarketCraft MarketCraft Market