Payphones have almost disappeard. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. If you are visiting from another country you should consider having a local SIM card or you will be paying for local calls as if you were calling Grenada from your home country. The process is pretty easy once you find someone to unlock your phone. It can be done at the Digicell office/store across from mall that is part of the cruise ship dock downtown St. George. It costs about $US 5 to get your phone unlocked and it takes just a few minutes. Then you get a new SIM card and a local number. Service is paid in advance by the hour. An hour costs $US7 or so. You can easily change SIM cards back and forth on most phones. THE DISAVANTAGE is that your new SIM card will have a Grenadian phone number and you won't recieve calls on your old number until you put your old SIM card back. The wife keeps her home number incase someone really needs to call. Then there is the Grenadian number to call taxi's, have tour companies have contact a number, etc.