When you touch down in Grenada you will find yourself at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (formerly known as Point Salines International Airport.)  It’s a small, friendly and pretty efficient place.

At 2.4Km, it has one of the longest runways in the caribbean, when you land, see if your plane slows gently down to the end of the runway (Virgin) or brakes hard and takes the shortcut of turning directly into the terminal tarmac (BA.)  

Everything inside the terminal is by the book and simple.  You’ll have a landing card to fill out as well as a customs declaration form.  There are plenty of taxis available upon exit of the arrivals hall plus a bar and snack shop. 

You will in total probably go through the entire process far more quickly that your local international airport, and the walk is a lot less.  

Here is a link to airports website that gives the official taxi pricing to standard locations, these arent applicable to any specific company, just the taxi associations guide.  You may need to go a little further of course and the taxi driver can charge extra for that.  NB Public busses dont normally operate from the airport itself.

MBIA airport taxi pricing 


Once past any checkin queue, you can expect to go through security and reach departures in 15 mins or less.  You could choose to not go through security immediately if your flight is not soon, and instead visit the bar outside.  

Important note:  Any alcohol in excess of 75% is not allowed on aircraft.  It is a fire risk.  River Antoine red label rum is such a risk, and your bags will be x-rayed and any containing supicious bottles will require opening - by you - in the presence of the customs people.  These are the names frequently caled to the gates in the times before departure.  If found it is confiscated. 

Departure Tax

People used to have to pay a departure tax.  These days your airline pays it for you.  The only exceptions are a few inter island transfers.  For those, persons 13 years of age and older are required to pay EC$50 (approx US$20 or £14). Persons from 5 to 12 years of age is EC$25 (approx US$10 or £7). Children under 5 years are exempted.

For more information about the airport, you can visit the  MBIA website  which has information on airport taxi prices etc.