The weather and its seasons

Grenada boasts comfortable to hot weather year round. Expect temperatures that range from 32 C during the day in summer to as low as 20 C overnight in winter.  Deciding what to pack shouldn't be a problem: light clothes, flip-flops, a nice hat, good sunglasses, suncreen with high protection, for use during the day and the clothing attire appropriate for your evening and night activities.  But if you are going during the rainy season or want to explore the island's interior mountains and rainforests, you might need a few more things. 

There are only 2 seasons:

Dry - which runs from some time in December to June.  Characterised by many dry almost cloudless days, and almost constant breezes or trade winds.

Wet - June/July to November.  Characterised by some rain on most days, often having little to no impact on your day on the beach, but occasionally seing a completely washed out grey (though still hot) day.

What marks the difference between these seasons is not temperature change, but the presence and absence of rain, and the humidity this brings.   Rain tends to be in the form of warm, heavy tropical downpours, followed by sunshine and a sauna as the sunshine hits the ground. Pack an umbrella or a light raincoat, but nothing that doesnt breathe.

If you are planning to hike in the hilly interior of the island, be sure to pack good hiking shoes as sandals won't be of any help. Also, temperatures drop as you ascend and you will need a light sweater or a breathable raincoat. In the high rainforest, expect levels of humidity high enough to produce non-stop light rainfall all over the year.

Weather Forecasts

As the weather is a set of micro climates, any automated service is likely to be poor. Most "caribbean" forecasts are about as much use as asking a crab.

Generically here are the stats - all the ones that are useful, some interesting stuff.

Grenada weather statistics from weatherspark 

The nearest to the current forecast can be found here if you listen for the right area, but its like all forecasts, variable in nature...

One Caribbean Weather TV station online 

For divers and thos who want to spend more time in the water, here are the water temperatures.

St Georges sea temperatures

Apart from the very occasional real storm, unlike most of the rest of the world, Grenada doesnt really do unpleasant weather, its all good in one way of another.  Rain doesn't limit your opportunities of having a good time.  You will see how locals adapt their lives to rain and the rhythm is less intense: people find shelter in hotels, cafes, restaurants, at a sidewalk under the roof of a store and wait for the rain to stop. They have this trust in nature: as something that has a place in people's everyday life.