Grenada gives pure warmth. This is the 'Spice Isle' of the Caribbean; a geographical gem where visitors can sink into the serenity of warm breezes and soft moonlight; feel history in centuries old forts; touch the floor of the rain forest and swim among coral reefs. This is the land of spices, exotic flowers and rare fruits; the three island nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique and the gateway to the Grenadines.

When you discover the glory of Grenada, you feel the pure warmth of the people. Accommodations, nature treks, diving excursions, sporting events, cultural celebrations and culinary selections will make your Spice Experience one to repeat. Whether you wish for sheer relaxation, invigorating adventures or a combination of both, your Spice Experience will satisfy.

When planning your trip to Grenada your first stop online is at the Official Site of the Greanada  Board of Tourism at You will find a well of information about lodging, restaurants, water sports, beaches, cruises, boating. Check out their calendar of events and festivals, you can find the festivals that will be on when you travel just by entering your date of arrival and departure. Check the tips for travelers, it has useful information worth taking a look. A delicatessen of the site is that the information is adapted to the traveler's country: there are regional guides for Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, United States and for all other regions.

From the website, you can download the latest version of the Destination Grenada Brochure. If you have any specific question, feel free to fill out the request from with your doubts at the same website. You can e mail the Office at

The Tourism board has ofices overseas in  the USA (Lake Worth, Florida;), UK- London; Canada -Toronto and  Germany -Wiesbaden.

The main office is located at Burns Point, Grenada 473-440-2279/2001/3377.

USA  Florida has a toll free number  800-927-9554.

UK  0208 328 0644

Canada 416 595 1339

Germany  0611 267 6720

One excellent source of information is the front desk of hotels where you can also find brochures, leaflets, maps and print ads that will help you organize your trip in Grenada.  

ps: Grenada is probably one of the best places to be. Extremely friendly people!