Multilingual and multicultural are Caribbean literature main features, and this applies to Grenada literary works as well. The West and East, the British and the Portuguese, old traditions and modernity, attachment to the community and exile come together to produce the unique literature of this region.

With a complex body of fiction prose that deal with the contradictions of the region, women are the most interesting writers that the Caribbean have produced. In Stories of Blue Latitudes: Caribbean Women Writers at Home and Abroad, Elizabeth Nunez puts together a group of female writers from all the Caribbean countries included Grenada. The writers, some living on the island others abroad, create metaphors with their short stories of the history and the conflictive interaction among the cultures that create the region’s identity. The stories exude the love for the countries and they indulge in detailed descriptions of places and characters, only accessible to locals but  through these author's writing to the broad international audience.