Planning on visiting Puerto Plata in the summer? Well, be prepared for a hot, humid and sweltering experience.  In fact, the beach sand can get so hot that you have to wear shoes or sandals for walking. Average temperatures are around 90 degrees Fahrenheit , with the humidity in the high-80 percent range.

Even though summer is considered the rainy season,  a shower or tropical downpour does little to alleviate the heat.

Late summer, early fall is a good time to head to Kite Beach, as the wind picks up for kiteboarding and kitesurfing, one of the main activities on the north-east coast of the DR. 

When packing, forget the denims; pack light and for comfort in a tropical environment.

BEWARE: Traveling in Summer Months between April and October you will experience a surge of locals (children) coming to the resort on weekends.
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