Yes, public transportation is an option in Curacao.  Curacao has two different types of busses which are both available for use by travelers who want to spend part (or all) of their vacation getting around via public transportation.  The major bus system is actually a van or shuttle bus system, and the secondary bus system is made up of more traditional busses.  This latter form of bus is called konvoi by locals in Curacao.

There are two major bus terminals in Curacao, both of which are used by both type of bus.  The first is located in Punda, near the post office.  Twelve konvoi routes leave from that location.  The other is located in Otrobanda, near the underpass.  Nine konvoi routes leave from that location.  Between these twenty one konvoi busses, nearly all major tourist attractions can be reached by public transportation.

The konvoi busses run scheduled routes, usually on the hour.  The smaller busses, or shuttles, are on-demand busses that are available by calling the customer service numbers.  More information on these smaller busses is online at .

Both bus systems are reported to be safe, efficient and inexpensive, making them an excellent method of getting around Curacao, especially for those visitors who are traveling on a budget.  Travelers may also consider supplementing their public transportation with the use of taxis to some destinations.  More information on taxis is available at .