Curacao is an island, so there are basically two ways by which a traveler can get there: plane or boat.  Most people arrive at Curacao by plane, but cruise ships regularly travel through the area and are another viable option for travelers to consider.

By plane:  The Curacao International Airport ( is home to the longest (Commercial) runway in the Caribbean (second longest overall), which means that it can receive even the largest of aircraft and is therefore a stopping point for most major airline carriers.  More information about which carriers are options for travelers interested in coming to Curacao by plane is on the website, under flight information, under air carriers. For visitors coming to Curacao and plan to vacation in one of the other ABC Islands, ( Aruba and Bonaire), there are 2 options by airplane, visit the following websites:, and  Insel Air flies to several destinations in the Caribbean, South and North America. Divi Divi provides an island hopper service between Curacao and Bonaire.

To rent a car to get to their Curacao destination.  There are four major rental car company options at the airport:

Alternatively, the following rental car company will pick you up from the airport:

By boat:  Travelers who are interested in getting to Curacao by cruise ship will be happy to know that there are two different ports at which cruise ships dock in the area.  There is a large port, called the Mega Pier, where cruise ships of any size can stop.  There is also a harbor with smaller docks for smaller cruise ships.  Both of these are conveniently located to shopping and car rental.  More information is available at