For the most part, travelers should be free of worry when visiting Curacao.  It is not a particularly dangerous location to visit and crime against tourists is relatively low.  The water is safe to drink, so health concerns in relation to drinking and eating in the area are low.  More information on that is located at .

One of the major safety concerns which tourists might have to face is the prevalence of drugs in the area, particularly marijuana and hashish.  Visitors might be approached by locals trying to sell illegal drugs.  Visitors are reminded that all drugs are illegal in Curacao and punishment is strict.  Visitors should NOT buy drugs during their stay in the area.   Visitors who decline offered drugs are generally not in any danger of having the interaction continue.

Another safety concern which visitors will want to be aware of is the possibility of petty theft.  Tourists are not at any more risk of petty theft when visiting Curacao than they are when visiting major world cities.  However, it does occur, and common sense precautions should be taken to limit the likelihood of becoming a victim.  Keeping wallets in front, rather than rear, pockets is one method of self-protection.  More tips are online at .

When at a beach where there is no obvious security, do not leave valuables in your beach bag or in your car.  Take all valuables into the water with you in a waterproof container or leave them back in your hotel safe.

Be careful when snorkeling or wading in water near the shore.  There are poisonous or other dangerous fish and sea urchins that can injure, maim or even kill with their poisons.  Best to wear water shoes with thick soles if walking on the bottom of the shore and do not try to touch anything in the water.  (YOU can also kill a coral just by touching it or stepping on it.)