Five books recommended for travelers heading to Curacao:

  • “Adventure Guide to Aruba, Bonair and Curacao” by Lynne M. Sullivan.  This book offers extensive information on adventurous activities including horseback riding, diving, snorkeling and sailing in and around Curacao. .
  • “Aruba, Bonair, and Curacao” by Madeleine Greey and Donald Nausbaum.  This is an about-to-be-released book which travelers can enjoy both before and after their trip because it is a photographic collection of all of the best images of the island.  It will excited visitors about their trip before they go and inspire nostalgic memories in them upon their return. .
  • “Curacao 1962” by Jan Timmin.  This book details one of the most interesting historic events occurring in the twentieth century in Curacao: the famous chess tournament which occurred during Cold War times and included the famous Bobby Fischer. .
  • “The Dive Sites of Aruba, Bonair and Curacao: Comprehensive Coverage of  Diving and Snorkeling” by Jack Jackson.  Not only does this guide provide top diving information for the Curacao area but it also has beautiful photography to compliment its information. .
  • “The Story of Papamientu: A Study in Slavery and Language” by Gary C. Fouse.   This book details the development of the interesting language of the people of Curacao .   More information on the development of this language can be learned at .   The book can be located at .
  • The Cay by Theodore Taylor. This is a delightful children's adventure novel that was named Book of the Year by the NY Times and won the Lewis Carrol Shelf Award when it came out in the late 60's. It has sold more than 4 million copies and is used in many schools as part of the reading program for grades 5 and 6. The first few chapters are set in Curacao. Set in WWII it involves shipwrecks, survival on a deserted island and is a wonderful tale of human relations and growing up while coping with adversity. Highly recommended for young children everywhere. Available at Amazon also carries a Curacao photo Kit to accompany that novel